Ajidahun Afioluwa

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Ajidahun Afioluwa began his Forex trading journey after meeting various leading Nigerian Forex traders.

Inspired by their success, Afioluwa initially experienced significant losses, which prompted him to begin testing out numerous trading strategies until he found the one which best suited his trading style and goals.

How old is Jabulani Ngcobo?

The South African forex trader was born on 29th May 1985 in KwaDabeka, Durban, South Africa and is 36 years old in 2021. Little is known about his early life and family, but he once revealed through an Instagram post that his parents passed away. His grandma passed away in September 2021 and he has a sister called Mpumehmeh.

Jabulani Ngcobo’s career

In 2016, he established a debt collection company before venturing into a stock market-related business.

Ngcobo is also a best-selling author. In 2018, he published a book titled Cashflow Naked, and it talks about how he became a successful trader. The book also offers financial tips to people from disadvantaged backgrounds.



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