Uche Paragon

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Uche Paragon is a successful Nigerian Forex trader whose net worth accounted for approximately $16 million in 2019, all derived from trading currency pairs and commodities.

Paragon started his trading career with Forex broker XM due to their percentage-based bonuses but attributes his success to taking the time to gather the necessary knowledge and skill before entering the Forex market.

Uche Paragon is an Entrepreneur, singer, Forex and commodities (oil and Gas) Trader, Portfolio, and Risk Manager. Uche Paragon is undoubtedly one of the richest forex trader in Nigeria with an estimated net worth of about $16 million.

Furthermore,Uche Paragon is a well-known name in the Nigerian online forex industry and requires no introduction to forex trading enthusiast and people who frequent forex trading forums,groups and seminars across the country. He’s also known for his love of expensive cars.

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