Sandile Shezi

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Sandile Innocent Shezi is a South African businessman, investor and entrepreneur. He gained popularity after he ventured into forex and cryptocurrency market. Sandile Shezi was born in 1993. Sandile Shezi Profile Name Sandile Shezi Real Name Sandile Innocent Shezi Date of Birth 1993 Age 28 years (2021) State of Origin Durban Nationality South Africa Tribe .

Sandile Shezi is among the youngest millionaires in South Africa, and his Forex career is one that is considered to display the potential profits to be made in having a risk-taking attitude to trading.

Having experienced remarkable success in the Forex market, Shezi established the Global Forex Institute to train beginner traders, as well as the Sandile Shezi Foundation, which is involved in community upliftment.

Much of Shezi’s message is centered on the value of Forex trading for young Africans today.



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