Simz D’mandla

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One of the most successful Forex traders on the African continent, Simz D’mandla is the founder and CEO of Trade4Africa and The African Millionaires Program.

D’mandla began trading on the JSE as a hobby during high school, which flourished into a full trading career in which he implemented smart trading strategies on the Forex market. By the age of twenty, D’mandla was a self-made millionaire.

Successful trader is also an Angel investor, philanthropist, and business strategist, with the vision of uplifting African economies.

Louis Tshakoane Junior

A millionaire Forex trader, Louis Tshakoane founded the Undercover Millionaires International initiative to develop a network of business professionals, as well as provide necessary Forex training.

The trader hosted a free Forex seminar for students which provided each of them with a free Forex account. Tshakoane has recently branched into cryptocurrency trading.

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